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Baptist Educators

One of the ministries of Baptists on Mission is the Fellowship of Baptist Educators which has more than 900 Baptist educators who use their educational skills to fulfill the Great Commission by "...teaching them to obey everything I have taught you."  Matthew 28:20a 

There are several avenues of involvement through Baptist Educators:

Use Your Teaching Skills in Missions

Use your skills in short or long term mission teaching at home or around the world.  Some of our members serve at home teaching internationals in their communities.  Other members serve in short or long term assignments overseas.  The Baptist Educator's newsletter, Educomis, offers information about opportunities to work in coorperation with Baptist mission schools, conventions, unions, and fellowships all over the world. Our members include teachers who work with every age level, preschool through university. Administrators, coaches, librarians, and counselors also participate.  A membership application is available here at the Baptist Educators website. People all around the world are hungry to hear the truth about Christ conveyed by caring teachers.


 In 2015, a new collection and shipping center was established at the Baptists on Mission Mission Camp in Shelby, NC that we call Books on Mission.  We collect, sort, package, waterproof, and ship Bibles and Bible study materials to seminaries, Bible schools, and pastors overseas. Recently, Campers on Mission, delivered boxes of books they had brought as they came to their annual meeting in Marion, NC. Baptist colleges, universities, and Bible schools in North Carolina have helped provide fine materials for Books on Mission to send.  

If you can deliver books to either of the two sites below, please call the coordinators at the drop-off points to make sure they are on site when you plan to arrive. This will allow the coordinator to show you where in the warehouses to put your books.

The Eastern NC Drop-off Site
Red Springs Mission Camp
114 Industrial Road
Red Springs, NC 28377
Larry Osborne, 919.264.4397 or 

The Western NC Drop-off Site
Shelby Mission Camp
1327 South Lafayette Street
Shelby, NC 28152
David Brown, 919.422.9990 or

People who wish to help who live in North Carolina and upstate South Carolina will find these locations to be convenient places to leave Bibles, commentaries, and other resources.  



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