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Mobile Dental Bus

Baptists On Mission offers the use of the Mobile Dental units to Baptist churches, other Christian denominations, and service organizations within North Carolina who wish to reach out to people in need.  Our mission is to provide compassionate care to people in need (those not able to afford dental care, farm workers, fair workers, the homeless, and others) and to meet human needs in Jesus' name. 

Churches Who Wish to Sponsor a Dental Clinic Will Need To:

  1. Enlist volunteer staff (dentists, dental hygienist, dental assistants, nurses, interpreters, counselors, and general helpers) to work the clinic. Call Krissy Watson (1-800-395-5102 ext. 5603) to reserve a date for your dental clinic. Schedule early as we are often booked one year out.

  2. A deposit of $250 per day is required to secure the date. This deposit is applied toward the total cost of the clinic. (Charges for using the dental units include: $8.00 per patient to help offset the cost of materials used ; $.67 roundtrip mileage for the unit from Cary to the clinic site; reimbursement for driver's overnight accommodations and meals (if necessary), use of the on board generator (if necessary)).

  3. Identify the target patient group and how to reach them.

  4. Make arrangements for clinic site:level parking for the unit (40 ft long, 13ft 6 inches tall), electricity (if needed), etc.

  5. Obtain a planning manual.

  6. Consider scheduling the Health Screening Unit on the same date.

  7. Consider other outreach opportunites such as food or clothing distribution.

  8. Plan for sharing the gospel.

The mobile units are equipped with 2 full dental exam rooms. Dental treatments may included restorations (fillings) and extractions.

Baptists On Mission/NCBM Statement of Faith

2011 and 2018 Mobile Dental Units

On October 12, 2011, a beautiful new mobile dental unit pulled into the parking lot of the Baptist State Convention. Twenty-two years had passed since the first medical/dental bus pulled into the parking lot at 205 Convention Drive in Cary. During these 22 years of service, thousands of needy North Carolinians have received free medical and dental care. Most importantly, churches, laypeople, dentists, doctors and nurses have shared with love of Christ with these patients.

On July 9, 2018, the newest mobile dental truck was delivered. This truck replaced the 2001 Bluebird Bus. Both of these trucks are housed at the Baptist State Convention in Cary. 

Driver/Hostess Teams Needed
The driver and/or hostess are responsible for taking the mobile unit from Cary, N.C. to the church or other organization that is sponsoring a FREE dental clinic. The driver/hostess sets up the bus and dental equipment in preparation for the dental staff. The sponsoring church/organization enlists volunteer dentists from their area. The driver/hostess remains with the mobile unit throughout the dental clinic and returns the mobile unit back to Cary.
Basic qualifications for the driver:
Christian with a servant heart
Has or is willing to obtain CDL license
At least 21 years of age.
A mechanical aptitude
We have a pool of drivers/hostesses. Drivers/hostesses volunteer for the clinics that work into their schedule.  The dental clinics may be from ½ day to 5 days in length and anywhere in North Carolina.  The driver/hostess are provided with overnight accommodations by the sponsoring church/organization and reimbursed for meals unless provided by the sponsoring church/organization. An honorarium is paid for each day of work.
It is best that this driver/hostess live within an hour drive of Cary, since the buses are housed at the Baptist State Convention when not in use.
Orientation and training are provided for drivers/hostesses. New drivers and hosts are expected to work alongside current drivers/hosts teams at 3 clinics before being assigned a clinic on their own.
The driver will need to learn to be knowledgeable of maintenance of bus engine (oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid) leveling jacks, air brakes, generators, air compressor, water tank, gray water holding tank, electrical boxes, water pump, air conditioning units, etc.  The drivers/hosts will obtain on-the-job training and knowledge of dental chair operation, X-ray equipment, ultrasonic cleaner, vacuum system, autoclave, etc.
Those who serve in this ministry have been truly blessed.  Please contact Krissy Watson if you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested in joining this ministry.
Contact Krissy Watson
Dental Ministry Coordinator – Baptists on Mission
(919) 459-5603 or (800) 395-5102 ext. 5603


Ministry Goals

  • To meet the physical needs of people who are served on the units
  • To Glorify God by meeting human needs in Jesus' name


The dental ministry is funded by donations from individuals and groups who see this ministry as a meaningful way to reach people for Christ. Contributions for the dental ministry may be sent to:

Baptists on Mission, PO Box 1107, Cary NC 27512

For More Information
[P] 800-395-5102 ext. 5603